Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Belly #5

I had quite the realization this morning that I thought was blog worthy . . .

Joshua was sitting on Bryan's lap and Bryan made the comment "Wow, Joshua I can tell you weight X pounds -- you're really heavy." (I guess for fun last night, he weighed him). And then it hit me . . . Joshua's weight is EXACTLY equal to the weight that I have gained during this pregnancy according to the dr.'s scales yesterday. Wow. That would probably explain the back issues, waddling, etc. Sobering. (For the record though, my weight gain is the same this pregnancy as with the other two -- just felt it necessary establish that little detail).

Saw the dr. yesterday and we are scheduled for an induction on Tuesday . . . I can't wait. Of course, if the baby comes sooner, that's fine too. He wasn't overly concerned with the ginormous numbers of the sono estimate -- it really put my mind at ease. Stay posted.

One more cute thing . . . last night we watched the KU game against M. State. The whole game, Joshua kept forgetting which "color" we were (KU was wearing blue). After the game was over and KU had lost, Bryan tucked him in and Joshua said, "Daddy, next time, the blue guys should take all of the white guys and put them in a big box. Then, the blue guys can make all of the baskets." What a concept!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

8 days and counting . . .

For you crazy people who keep whining about more belly pics . . . this was actually taken last Friday, which means it was 2 weeks to go at this time. I am now at 8 days to go (until due date), so technically this pic is obsolete!

Had a sonogram today (the dr. last week was a little concerned about the "bigness" of the baby) and their figures are registering at 10 lbs. 5 oz -- with a 1 lb. difference on either side. (9.5 lbs up to . . . well . . . you can do the math). Yeah -- I'm kinda freaking out right now, so it'll be interesting to see what the dr. says tomorrow at my appt. Stay tuned . . .

And this would be a result of my "nesting" -- it became absolutely imperative that the ceiling fan be dusted. Always a bit of an adventure with high ceilings!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big belly cont'd

#4. Kayla and I had the following conversation this morning:

"Mommy, my belly hurts."
"Why does your belly hurt, Kayla?"
"My baby is moving."

Guess yours truly has been complaining a bit too much, eh?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just another week . . .

Joshua is still in the thick of his "machine/rocket/sword building phase" so I thought I'd post some of this handiwork. Keep in mind, however, that after working most of the morning on a project, he will keep it that way about 7.5 minutes before destroying it for something cooler and bigger. (Usually involves fire and shooting of some kind . . .what can I say . . .he's a boy)

This started as a trophy . . . (I think). . .

. . . and then it was no longer a trophy. Not exactly sure what this item was/is called . . .

I just have to keep reminding myself that I would much rather be cutting duck/electrical/scotch/masking/gaff tape for the 87th time that day, than having him glued to the TV/computer . . .right???? It is pretty cool, though, to see his imagination in full swing. Side note -- definitely gets those creative genes from Bryan!

We went to Sonic last week (had a coupon for FREE LARGE SONIC BLAST -- YUM!-- of course we split it -- we're too cheap!) and while the kids were at the playland thing, Kayla had a slight "wardrobe" malfunction. Her pants were down around her knees -- we couldn't help but laugh at the predicament and take pictures! I know, terrible parents!

Just gettin' the bouncy seat broken in for the new baby . . .
(2 1/2 weeks to go . . hopefully no more)

Yes, I think they took "smiling" lessons from the same teacher . . .

Yesterday it was 80 degrees outside, and we had our lunch outside on the swing set, picnic style. It was A LOT of fun -- just a nice change of pace for everyone! The reality that my days with only two kids are numbered is starting to sink in -- Lord help me to treasure every moment of every day.

Kayla can now officially go down the slide herself -- she's pretty proud of her accomplishment!

Is that my baby taking up half of length of the slide???? . . . holy cow.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You know your belly is big when . . .

I don't normally post without pics -- but I had three things happen yesterday that I found very humorous (well, now I think they are!) that involve this ever-expanding belly. So, I'm writing them down here before my pregnancy-induced absent mindedness causes me to forget them.

1. First thing in the morning, I was finishing getting dressed, and Joshua says to me, "Whoa, Mommy. Your belly is huge." (thanks, there.) And then, only to add salt in the wound, he runs to the banister and yells down to Kayla, "Kayla, come here, QUICK. Mommy's belly is HUGE." Nice.

2. Monday is my "clothes" laundry day (not to be confused with linen laundry day, towel laundry day -- I know, I'm so Type A). Anyway, I have not particularly been looking forward to Mondays lately b/c the bending over the washer/dryer, folding clothes on the bed, etc. just really does a number on my back. But determined to have a good outlook, I started up the steps with my first load of laundry yesterday morning . . . only to underestimate the room I now need to get through the doorway with the laundry basket/belly. I managed to smash the livin' daylights (yes . . .the livin' daylights) out of my thumb when it got wedged between the basket and the door post. Not a particularly stellar way to start the Monday morning.

3. And finally, I have come up with very detailed instructions for how to change which side I am sleeping on at night. This is usually the saga that plays out:

a. Wake up to discover I am once again sleeping on my back (not good for the baby, I'm told).
b. Straighten legs (causes immense belly pain if legs are bent when I turn . . . don't ask me why)
c. Use elbows to support weight while twisting to either the right or left (that depends on which side seems to be better with the heartburn that particular night).
d. Once facing the correct way, fumble around in the dark to find various pillows needed (one for knees, one for under belly)
e. While trying to fall asleep, determine whether a trip to the bathroom was needed, or whether it can wait to the next awakening.
f. Repeat steps a-e at least every 30 minutes.
g. Wake up feeling rested, rejuvenated, and rarin' to go!

OK - maybe just a tad too sarcastic, but just being real! I'll post more "big belly" revelations as I think of them . . . stay tuned . . .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just catchin' up . . .

I tried to upload these last night, but somehow, the pics got bogged down, so we'll try it again! One of the secretaries at church gave Kayla a ring pop -- I'll let you guess what color it was!
Since Bryan's parents were in Nebraska last week for a funeral, they came down for a couple of days this past weekend -- it was GREAT! It was a crazy, crazy weekend and the "built-in babysitters" really eliminated shuffling the kids here and there. And, I don't have any pics to prove it, but they were a huge help in getting the baby gear ready -- swing, bassinet, car seat, pac-n-play, bouncy seat, etc. Since they were stored in the basement, well, um . . . let's say that they had a good layer of dust on them from the mudding/sanding project of last summer's basement project!

We took advantage of a rain break one day they were here to go feed the ducks -- looks like Kayla was intently trying to communicate!

Joshua takes his bread-throwing very seriously!

And for those of you who just need some comic relief this week -- thought I'd post my 3 1/2 week picture! wow.