Saturday, April 26, 2008

MS Walk

Today, we participated in a MS walk in honor of a friend from church -- it was great! Started out kind of chilly, but was beautiful as time went on. The course was 4 miles (2 there, 2 back) and it was LONG ENOUGH for the kiddos! The picture above was everyone on our team.

Unfortunately, Kayla spent most of the time in the stroller . . . :(

A little "rest stop" at the half-way point!

Approaching the finish line! (Don't ask me what in the world I was doing . . .)

This and That

Went to the zoo with MOPS group this week -- Kayla wasn't too sure what to think of the goat!

The kids definetely got an up close and personal look!

Riding the train for the first time this season! I was a little nervous not being right next to Joshua, but he was fine! I'm sure he had more fun being next to the "guys" than next to Mommy!

Using the "fishing rod" (out of Tinkeytoys). Notice also the "boat" (pillows) and the "lake" (blanket.) What can I say? The weather was yucky outside!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Morning at the Zoo

I know, I know . . . two days of posting in a row . .. it's amazing! We had some beautiful weather today and headed to the zoo. We're going to try the zoo pass thing this summer and see if we go enough to justify the cost. I must admit that we're not huge "zoo" people, but we'll see . . . This is Joshua with a friend from church. It was a challenge to keep both of them from racing ahead. I wish I had $1 for every time I said, "Joshua, Keep one hand on the stroller" -- I would be rich by now!

Kayla -- the vantage point from the stroller isn't
nearly as good as when you're walking . .

Lookin' at the big cats!

This pic really doesn't do it justice, but there were 5 strollers (3 of them double) and 7 kids 3 and under -- wow!

One last picture . . . we had so much fun this morning. We'll have to go again!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Exciting Times At Our House . . .

Two weeks ago, Mama decided that time had come to give potty training ANOTHER try (mind you . . . we started almost 1 year ago!). So, early Monday morning, I got out the candy, quarters, trinkets, EVERYTHING, and most of all new "Cars" underwear. Kayla was checking it out . . . and believe it or not, Joshua TOTALLY figured out the whole potty thing -- like in a couple of hours. Amazing. People have been telling me just to wait until he's ready . . . I guess they're right!

So, one of our "incentives" was Chuck E. Cheese -- and he was THRILLED to be able to go! Aunt Bem joined in the fun -- nice leg brace, sis!

The only way Kayla knows how to go down the slide . . .head first!

Last week, Kayla had a little, or shall we say big, run-in with Joshua's bed. No, she wasn't jumping on it, but just fell onto the headboard. We took her to the dr. -- no stitches (thank goodness) but just a little super glue. Even a week later, it looks so much better. Guess that's about it from the home front!