Monday, July 28, 2008

Coolest Rainbow!

Several nights ago, there was the HUGEST rainbow (and a faint double rainbow)! It was so cool --
Did I mention it was huge???

OK . . .so here's the funny part. Bryan was sitting on the porch with Joshua and decided to use this "teachable" moment and re-tell the story about Noah's ark, the rainbow, God's promise, etc. So, after Bryan's long spiel, Joshua says to him "Daddy . . . . why are all of those cars over there?" (A neighbor was having a party). Something tells me he wasn't trackin' 100 percent . . . .!

Tonight's "fun activity upstairs while Daddy's in the basement" was making sugar cookies (from a mix, of course!). Not only did we cut them out . . ..

but we also "painted" them -- very fun! Joshua, however, didn't see any particular need to rinse his brush after using different colors . . . so many cookies have a very "brown-esque" look to them! It's the process, though, right?

This and That

Went to the zoo last week -- for some reason this picture cracked me up! Thought I was doing a good thing by going early (9am) but undoubtedly, the animals are not "morning animals" as very few of them were in their designated areas. Oh well -- it times like that, that I love the zoo pass! Better luck next time!

And of course, it was followed by the train ride -- it was starting to get a little toasty by now . . can you tell????

Our church has the VBS carnival last week and Joshua managed to squeeze in a quick game at the end -- Thanks, Abe for doing the game "one more time" -- Joshua STILL talks about the arrow thing!

Q. How do you know that your kids are up to something??
A. It was WAY too quiet! (and they aren't fighting!)

And, to save the best for last, this is the latest on the basement. Still working on taping/mudding the 1st coat. Starting to wonder if it will EVER get done . . . hang in there, Bryan!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Basement Update #4 of 234!

I had full intentions of posting these pics on Saturday night . . . however . . . due to a STICK being under MY BIG TOENAIL . .. it didn't happen. Bathroom surgery was performed instead. Anyway . . . back to the subject at hand . . . we (Bryan) finished hanging drywall! The above pictures is significant in that we can SEE THE BARE FLOOR again! Hallelujah!
This is Bryan putting in the last piece of drywall. We (Bryan) wasn't initially planning on drywalling the storage closet but we had 5 pieces left . . . so . . .much to Bryan's delight, we got to use them in the WONDERFUL STORAGE CLOSET that Lisa is pumped about!

I'm sure this shirt is what gave him the extra "umph" to keep working!

We wanted to bless Shawnee County Refuse with some modern art!

And just for fun . . . Kayla's latest antic has been to insist on the following things with her AT ALL TIMES:

1) "bah-kee"
2) "wah-tee"
3) "ba-be"

Translation: blankie, water, baby.

Hope everyone has a stellar week! Oh, and since I know everyone is just worried sick about the STICK under MY BIG TOE NAIL -- I went to the dr. on Mon. morning and he wasn't convinced that it was still there . . . so, we are waiting (literally) to see if it gets infected before he starts diggin' around under MY BIG TOE NAIL which is 100% certain to cause intolerable pain. Thanks for your concern.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Worlds of Fun!

OK, one of the coolest things was the HUGE ball house/playland thing. It was 3 stories tall with TONS of foam balls with all of these air guns, air hoses, etc. The kids LOVED it!

It was a pretty big operation!

Joshua would "load" the gun himself and then fire the balls -- all with a very determined look about him!

And then . . . two minutes before we were going to leave, Kayla started screaming HYSTERICALLY and I quickly realized she had gotten stung -- the first time she has gotten stung. So, we ended up filling out several accident report forms, etc. She seems to be fine today.
This was the last ride of the night -- we didn't leave until after 9pm, so I would say that our half-price tickets served us well. The kids really did great and were POOPED when we got back in the van!

Worlds of Fun!

Yesterday we went to Worlds of Fun and absolutely had a blast! We bought Twilight tickets (used garage sale $$ b/c this definitely was NOT budgeted!) which means that you don't go until 4 pm. It worked great! The kids (well, Kayla) got a nap at home, the weather was very comfortable and the lines were short! Joshua was absolutely enamored with everything! Kayla was NOT interested in riding anything!

Yes, that's Joshua driving his bumper car. Most of the ride, he just went in circles all by himself -- away from the other drivers, which was OK by this mama!

Kayla much preferred the safety of the stroller to the spectacular rides!

We all went on the carousel -- as you can see, Kayla was a little hesitant!
Riding the train -- sorry for the blurriness -- at the mercy of an unknown camera operator!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Swimming Lesson Pics

Um . . . just wondering if anyone call tell me where my "baby" is . . .because that can't possibly be him in the pool, can it? Holy Cow. We finished lessons today -- great, great experience.

This right here was the most difficult for Joshua . . . yeah,
the whole sitting still on the step thing!

I am still a little shocked that they managed to get him to jump off -- but by the end of this week, it was no big deal for him!

Yep -- that was it! Can say enough of how good these teachers were!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun Times!

Joshua started his first round at swimming lessons this summer! I was SURE that he was NOT going to like it, but he has been a trooper! Still is not crazy about jumping off the board or putting his eyelashes in the water, but he is getting better! Hopefully I'll get some better pics today and tomorrow!

He looks really little in that big pool, doesn't he? While he's floating on his back, he likes to tell his teachers what shapes the clouds are! What a goober!

OK, I am learning that sometimes getting things done in the most efficient manner is NOT the most important thing -- sometimes, or should I say, most times, I just need to slow down let my kids "help" me! That's really hard for Type-A's! Anyway, we got some corn this week that I wanted to freeze and Joshua really enjoys "helping" me shuck the corn! So, even though I'm still picking silk off the garage floor (it was raining that day) we had fun shucking corn together!

Kayla appointed herself the "official corn transporter" from the shucking site to the garage step. For those of you who might eat corn at our house this year . . . relax . . . I thoroughly washed the ears before I cooked them!

Wow -- did you know Smore's could be this messy????

Happy July 4th (6 days late!)

Joshua was SOOOO excited about fireworks this year!!! And, since every parking lot in Topeka has not one, or two but THREE fireworks tents, let's just say that he was VERY EXCITED to FINALLY purchase our very small bag of fireworks! These were very "mama-friendly" -- smoke thingies, sparklers, poppy-thingies and a few fountains.

Kayla loved the poppy-thingies -- she was very, very determined to get them to pop!

It takes a lot of determination for these (notice the tongue!).

During the day, we all went to my aunt/uncle's and got to spend time with extended family. Looks like Ryan wanted to make sure Mom was having a happy July 4th!

The manly council gathered around the grill.

Basement update #3 of 364!!!

Sorry the blogging rate has been a little . .. um . . . slow! We have been CONSUMED by the crazy basement. I know, I know . . . you're going to look at the pics and say "It doesn't even look like work has been done" -- but trust me, WE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON IT!

Ceiling drywall is done (Can I hear an AMEN!) and we (well . . .Bryan) only has one soffet (however you spell that) left. Hopefully in the next week, the walls will be completed. Progress is just a little slow . .. (keep in mind we're a bunch of musicians . . . Drywalling 101 wasn't offered in our music courses!!!!)

Here's my hero -- I think Bryan will be more than a little excited to have the ceiling stuff done -- there is just nothing glamorous about working above your head! He's been a trooper because most of the time I'm busy keeping the kids occupied with . . .

things like this . . .! Kayla loves this little portable booster seat. She insists on having the seat belt on while dumping the beans back and forth in the dishes!

This was a "thing-a-ma-jig" that Joshua and I created sometime last week. You put a ball in the sweeper attachment, and it would ultimately end up in the egg carton at the bottom of the Legos lid. Unfortunately, it met it's untimely demise because we actually NEEDED the sweeper attachment for the mountains of drywall dust that accumulates!

Stay tuned!!!!