Friday, April 17, 2009

This past week

I'm sure that I'll think of a great caption as soon as I post this, but thought this was a funny pic . . .

Tyler's first bath -- didn't like the first one AT ALL, but has LOVED them every since!

Our little man! 2 1/2 weeks old!

We had a friend from college that had emailed several months ago to see if he and his wife could stay with us on their way to CO -- and we said sure, as long as they didn't expect any Martha Stewart entertaining . . . clean sheets and cereal for breakfast! It was good to catch up with Kent and meet his wife, Jenny!

Kayla undoubtedly thought it would be more challenging to dump together 4 different puzzles instead of limiting it to one!

Just thought I would mention . . .Tyler turns three weeks on Tuesday -- and three weeks is the mark where Kayla started demonstrating her severe "sensitivity" to something -- she got very, very fussy (5-6 hours of crying at a time), had severe acne that the dr's couldn't diagnose, and eventually we put her on a special formula at 2 months that cleared everything up. Consequently, I'm really, really nervous about this next week -- so if you think about it, could you pray for us? We're praying that if Tyler has the same sensitivity (there are times I think I "see" the same tendencies) that it would be very definitive and we can get him on the same formula. Thanks!

Great Grandma and Grandpa's 70th Anniversary

Last weekend, the kiddos and I did something a little crazy . . . we went to St. Louis to celebrate grandma and grandpa's 70th anniversary with other extended family members. A little crazy, I know. At first I wasn't even going to consider going -- Tyler was a whoppin' 11 days old. But then, the more I thought about it, I realized that not many have a chance to celebrate something like this, and since Tyler and I were doing ok, figured we should take advantage of it. So, the whole fam went to St. Louis. My mom and dad drove with me and the kiddos -- no way would I have tried it by myself! SO, this is my Grandma and Grandpa -- 70 years is a long time, eh?

My cousin Christy was a HUGE help with J & K -- and Kayla seemed to quite enamored with her!
-Joshua spending quality time with family -- hey, anyone who will help him build legos is a good friend!

This is some of the great grandkids -- there were 11 greats there.

-Joshua was especially thrilled to play with one of my cousin's kids -- like Joshua, he is "all boy!" They kept things lively!

Kayla finding some eggs. (yes, we had an egg hunt in the church sanctuary . . . why????)

This was the Varner family represented. Bryan (my hubby) wasn't there -- it's a little hard to miss Easter Sunday when you're a Worship Arts pastor! Also, my brother Steve and his family weren't there -- he's an accountant and April 12 was just a few days shy of April 15th! We missed them, but completely understood!

This is G/G and all of their children. It was good to see my uncle from AZ.

Great Grandma and Grandpa on Easter Sunday -- they were married between the Sunrise service regular Easter Service 70 years ago at the church parsonage . . .and then Grandma played the organ for the service!

Joshua and Grandma -- had lots of bonding time, eh??

Great Grandma and Tyler -- I was so glad that he was content for a few minutes so that Grandma could hold him!

It was a great weekend -- exhausting, but so worth it. Happy Anniversary G & G!


OK, I am so behind and there are SOO many things I need to get pics up of . . . so, we'll start with Easter! DISCLAIMER: all of the pics have a bit of "modern art" in the background (um . . . they're a mess!). Goes with the territory of having a new baby around! Above is Kayla opening one of the Resurrection Eggs -- always a hit! We meant to open one per day leading up to Easter . . .however, we kept forgetting, so we opened almost all of them just before Easter!

Getting ready to color eggs!

Joshua's artwork

Very serious business

Last night we zipped up to M/D's and had an Easter egg hunt -- like the snazzy baskets???? (Just kidding, grandma!)

Required quite the acrobatic feat to get some of the eggs.

Sortin' through the loot.

Very much enjoying the soft, gooey chocolate!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Joshua & Tyler

Just for giggles today I went back and found pics of Joshua when he was a newborn -- especially since I remembered pictures of Joshua wearing the same sleeper Tyler had on today.
This is Tyler . . .

. . . and this is Joshua when he was a newborn. Holy Cow.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Welcome Tyler Sean!

I'll write a more detailed entry later, but wanted to get these pics up! This is Tyler right after he was born -- it's such a cruel dose of reality!

This is what I am still amazed at . . . how in the world did I carry and deliver a 10 lb., 11 oz baby? Wow. (BTW -- height was 22.5 inches long)

The J & K's first visit to the hospital!

Kayla is quite the "little mother!"

Opening the gifts from "baby Tyler."

The best part for Joshua . . . running the controls on Mommy's bed!

Daddy and Tyler

Grandma, Kayla, Tyler.
Grandma kept the kids for several days while I was in the hospital.

Grandpa and Tyler

Aunt Bem -- she was the FIRST visitor in the hospital!

Brian, Carly and Tyler

Promise I'll write more later -- computer time is pretty limited right now! We're hanging in there -- as always, the nights are long right now. However, he really seems to be a pretty content baby, though. We love you, Tyler!