Friday, December 07, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Joshua!

So hard to believe our first-born turns EIGHT this year!  I do believe that the three weeks between Kayla's birthday in November and Joshua's bday in December are the longest ever . . . Joshua is ALWAYS counting down the days!   It was fun to have everyone over after church and just chill!

Mama's sad try at a Mario cake . . . one of those times that a $20 cake from Dillons would have been well worth it:)  It's about the thought, right????

So many fun gifts . . .this cap gun has gotten MUCH use in the last week:)

And so have the walkie-talkies!  Thanks to the mild temps this week, there have been MANY impromtu "cops and robbers" games this week with the neighbor boys . . . even 
when it's dark after 5:00!  

Kayla and a neighbor girl delighted in "practicing" their songs this week for the school holiday program on the swing set tower -- complete with choreography!  I hope I never forgot these days!

And of course, a little climbing the tree action!

Kayla at her school holiday program this week.  She was VERY VERY VERY 
excited about this event!

Just waiting to see Santa afterwards!

 Could she be any more intent?