Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun family day

So, the weather had been so unbearably hot the last part of summer, we never got a chance to make a long bike ride! So -- today was the day! We (I mean, Bryan) loaded up the bikes, went to Shunga trail, and we biked to Sonic for lunch!

Funny! We were so proud of the kids -- esp. Kayla. We biked for probably 45 min. one way, and she was just the biggest trooper!

On the way back, we stopped at the park. It was a nice break for everyone before the last stretch!

When we got home, it was neighborhood central! We love having tons of kids on this street!

One of the neighbor boys checking out Kayla's boo-boo :(

We ended up making homemade ice cream and had a great time hanging out with neighbors and eating ice cream! And, then a lovely rainbow completed the day! Thank you Lord, for days like today, when it is so easy to count the ways You have blessed us!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Kayla's First Day of Preschool & Labor Day

After much waiting (and a little hesitation last night) Kayla's 1st day of
preschool FINALLY came!!!! She was excited!

Joshua had been informing her of all the do's and dont's . . . so I think
she was adequately prepared!

Walking out to the van with Miss Janet! Tyler spent the whole morning saying "La La? La La?" (his word for Kayla) -- I think he was confused where she was :(
He was pretty excited when she got in the van!

Long story, but I had ordered a Groupon Canvas Print last April, thinking that it would be no big deal to have a good family or at least children picture by September when it expired. Nope . . . didn't happen . . . so one of our Labor Day "to do" items was to get a "tolerable" children pic together. Easier said than done. Geesh . . .

We ended up with this . . . but lest you think it was smooth sailing . . .

. . . yep, Joshua was totally digging the picture thing. Can't you tell????

Hello???? How hard is it to just look at the camera????
Like I said, easier said than done . . .:)

Now that the weather has finally cooled off, we can actually hang out with the neighbors again! I took this picture yesterday in the "cul-de-sac" -- actually it's a dead end with lots of gravel in it! But, it's great for boys and their dump trucks, bikes, diggers, etc. Even though Tyler is by far the youngest, they are just pretty tolerant of him!

We were planning on going to the zoo on labor day, but ended up just hanging at the park and riding the train. I think most of Topeka thought it would fun to ride the train as well.
We had fun waiting, anway . . .

. . . some of us more than others :)


FINALLY . . . on the train!

Fun on the playground

Pure determination . . .

It's a bummer when that airplane (or Whoosh -- as T calls it) is in the sun!

Yep, she's part monkey I believe! Lots of fun on LD weekend -- well, maybe except for trying to capture that crazy family picture!