Saturday, August 26, 2006

We went to Hershey Park yesterday -- and had a blast! We had two free adult tickets, and Joshua was free, so it was VERY ECONOMICAL -- score for us! We were only threre 4 hours, but it was long enough for Joshua, and for us! We decided we're too old for this! This was on the Merry-Go-Round -- the very first ride!

This ride was a huge mistake! We didn't realize until after we had waited in line that NO adults could ride -- only kids. We should have skipped this one -- but we thought "Oh -- he'll be ok." Needless to say --Joshua did NOT like this ride, and all parties involved were glad when it was over. From then on, we only went on rides that adults could go, too!

Riding the train with daddy. This is Joshua's "smile" right now!

Mommy even rode a few rides -- quite the spectacle seeing me get in and out!

Enjoying the space ship ride!

Mommy and Joshua

He was one tired little boy by the end-- and we were ready to call it a day, as well! Beings that he slept 13 hours that night -- I think it was a big day!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy 5-year Anniversary, Dear! Yep -- on our 5th anniversary, we, I mean Bryan, tiled the half bath off the kitchen! We had been meaning to do this since the kitchen remodel -- and now we can cross it off the "Things to do before the baby comes" list!

The finished product -- it really has a "newer" feel to it!

"Self-Portrait by Joshua"

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last week, Bryan tried something new -- his first "solo" RC airplane venture! Thanks to some VERY GENEROUS guys at the church, he now has the gear to try this on his own! He had two good takeoffs and two good landings -- so it was successful!

In his glory!

An after-flight celebration!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"The three of us!"

This is how we "smile!"

In July, we made a trip to KS, followed by a trip to CA. We flew from Harrisburg to Philly to Kansas City. We ended up having a REALLY LONG layover in Philly, so we hung out at this "hands on" area for little kids. Joshua had fun, and it certainly helped pass the time.

Quite the little pilot,eh?

The first night in KS, we went to the Platte County Fair for the Demolition Derby. Let's just say that we definetely got in touch with our "red-neck" roots! My brothers came across a car to enter so of course we had to go support them. It was quite an event, to say the least!

Believe it or not, it was about 120degrees (ok -- maybe not quite that hot) -- and people still showed up in droves to see the event!

Yep . . . this was Ryan and Brian's car -- quite a work of art, eh? It actually did halfway decent, believe it or not!

While we were in KS, there were many "teachers" for Joshua -- they taught him all kinds of things . . . like . . . how to "drive" the forklift . . .

...and how to play the drums

...and how to work the remote control truck

...and how to play the xylophone

...and how to floss his teeth!

This was one of Joshua's favorite hiding places at Grandma and Grandpa's -- between the couch and the window!

Lucky for us, the Jackson County 4-H fair was happening while we were there, so we went to the parade. Unfortunately, it was about 110 degrees in the shade -- it was a cooker. Auntie Bem was helping Joshua stay cool with her drink!

This was Varco's parade entry -- Brian drove the rollback loaded with his SRT-10. It looked sharp!

Ryan rode his 4-wheeler in the parade -- let's just say that Mom wasn't exaclty on board with the whole idea!

Grandpa and Joshua -- I'm guessing they were watching a Baby Einstein video -- now wouldn't that be a suprise????

Joshua definetely figured out how to splash Mommy. I know the pink swimmies aren't the most masculine, but they were free -- what can I say?

My (Lisa's) grandparents made the trip to see us while we were in KS -- and Joshua just warmed right up to Great Grandma. (I somehow managed not to get any pictures with Great Grandpa.

We almost always make a day-trip to MO to see my (Lisa's) grandpa and grandma. The porch swing is definetely a favorite summer memory!

It just so happened that our visit to MO coincided with my relative's trip to MO -- they live in IN. It was good to see them, and it was a special treat to see little Claudia -- my cousin Sara's daughter. She is such a special little girl. Here, Joshua and Claudia went for a ride in Great-grandpa's lawn cart!

Yes, Grandma let Joshua have crushed ice to his little heart's content -- he was lovin' it! It's funny becuase when MY family went to G/G Smiley's, the big deal was crushed ice -- ironic, eh?

We left Joshua in KS with Lisa's parents (a very tramatic event for us -- not for Joshua) and we went to CA for the FGBC conference in Palm Springs. We also had made plans of attending some other church services in CA, just for ideas and insight. Bryan and I also celebrated our 5-year anniversary while we were out there -- time flies!

Sunday morning we visited Saddleback Church. This is their main auditorium. Bryan and I were there in the summer of 2004 for a music conference. It was good to go back again!

This is one of the "tents" which holds simultaneous services -- same message but different music styles.

On Sunday night, we visited Mosaic -- and this particular campus was downtown LA. It is geared for 20-somethings and is very outreach oriented

This was the lobby of the Mayan while waiting for the service to start -- definetely a younger crowd! Very cool.

The staff had a good time just hanging out, too! (and eating, of course!)

It was a little warm in CA!

We decided to go up the Palm Springs Aereal Tramway. The elevation changes from 2000 ft. at the bottom to 8000 ft. at the top -- so it was quite a change! The view was gorgeous at the top -- and the 30 degree temperature drop made it much more comfortable, too!

This was the view as we were descending. Everytime you would pass one of the towers, there was a rocking motion on the tram -- a little scary! We had a great time in CA, but were ready to get back and see our littel boy!