Monday, July 01, 2013

A great evening for some ice cream on the porch . . .
 . . . they were much more interested in eating their ice 
cream than in cooperating for a good picture:)

You can always tell when Bryan gets a hold of the camera . . .

I'm loving that missing tooth!

Tyler just wrapped up his 2nd week of swimming lessons.  Let's just say he had a very pronounced mental shift from Day 3 to Day 4.  He has hated the water from the get go, so we knew this would be a stretch to say the least:)  And, the first three days were pretty . . . um . . . rough.  But, after he finally figured out how to hold his breath and not get water up his nose every time he went under on the evening of Day 3, he decided he actually liked going under water!

He was a different boy!

He even loved jumping off the board . .  . well, jumping is an 
exaggeration  . . . he "stepped" off the board.

We are just thrilled that he is cool with putting his head under water now . . . Way to go bud!

The kids have been doing some summer day camps here and there . . .

Joshua did a week of Camp Kanakuk through our church . . .we still hear about the Dodge Ball, Wiffle Ball, etc!  He will spontaneous break into one of their "chants" they use to get the kids all riled up -- it's funny!

He had a great week in Tent Six!

Kayla chose to do a camp through Parks and Rec with several of the neighbor girls -- they got to swim every single day so she was a happy camper!

Joshua also did a few days of Basketball Camp at Washburn.  His team ended up doing well on the last day of tournament play.

Since they were the "champs" in their tourney bracket, they got to play the coaches -- I still 
hear about how they "ALMOST" beat them!

Tyler also did a day camp at Parks and Rec -- and on the last day they put on a little program . . .

 . . . I think he was practicing his ninja moves here????