Friday, September 28, 2007

End of Summer

We have been deliberating for several years about getting bikes. So, we finally bit the bullet last week and bought these with the main purpose being family time together. As you can see . . . some members of the family aren't completely convinced this is a great idea! We rode tonight for about an hour and Kayla's KIND OF tolerating it -- hopefully that will improve over time!

What a doll!

Last weekend we went to see/hear Ryan's band play for the football game. It was Kayla's first game and did great. With grandma and grandpa there, it's a little breather for Bryan and me . . . we're planning on going every week . . .just kidding!

One of the guys from church was there and Joshua just adores Jacob. We made the comment that Jacob had really big muscles (he had he jersey/football pads on). Well, Joshua isn't the biggest fan of milk and this week I made the comment that milk gives you big muscles. (OK, just go with it, ok?) He immediately said, "Jacob has big muscles. Drink milk." Believe it or not, he has tolerated milk much better this week! Isn't that funny? (and a little deceiving, I know)

OK . . . this really needs a little explaining! One of Ryan's drum line gigs today was for the United Way and one of the "exhibits" was this place you could milk a goat. (For you in PA, this is where you you say, "Only in KS!.") Anyway, I wanted to capitalize on this great learning experience, so Joshua milked a goat. Other members of my family (MOM) thought I was
crazy . . .but hey how many of YOU have milked a goat????

Have a Great Weekend!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Just another post

Last weekend we went to Topeka's Huff'n'Puff -- Joshua was just enamored with the balloons. Since it was dark, we didn't get a ton of great pics, but you get the idea. Thanks for the great idea, Heidi!

I had never seen inside a balloon before -- it was very cool.

We had a "make a fort/watch a movie/eat popcorn" night this week -- Kayla was definitely most interested in the popcorn aspect!

Just a goofy pic!

10 moths old and into EVERYTHING!!!!

Trip to the Park

Last week, we decided to take advantage of the great weather and Bryan's day off and head to the park! We brown bagged it and were planning on riding the train . . . more on that later.

As you can see . . . the flies thought it was a great day to be out, too!

Ok . . . so I called BEFORE we left to verify that the train was working. The lady I talked to said everything was good to go. (Note: It is a major blow to a 2-year old to tell them that we are going to ride and train and then to change you mind). We got the park, only to find numerous white signs taped at the train station that it was out of order. Come to find out, it had been down for a week, and wasn't going to be fixed for an additional week . . . . so, Joshua took it like a trooper (translation = no temper tantrums) and we rode the merry go round instead!

I guess it was pretty exhausting!

Just thought it was a cute pic!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Trip to WI 2

Not sure who was teaching who on Guitar Hero!

Kayla seemed like a toddler compared to the twins -- so amazing!

Lots of hands to help out!

It was just so much fun to be with Mark and Ayuna and the
girls . . . they certainly have their hands full!

One last picture before we hit the road! The kids really did well for the amount of driving we had -- it was just a great extended weekend!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Trip to WI 1

Well, I can tell right away that I will need more than 1 post because of the crazy 5-picture limit! We got back from seeing G/G Nelson in WI -- we had such a great time of just chillin' out. There is just something very refreshing about not looking around your house and being reminded of the infamous "to do" list!

Uncle Mark was apparently showing Kayla the finer point of crawling etiquette!

Aunt Carol and Kayla

Joshua and his best bud, Ben

All of the Nelson grandchildren

Of course, one of the HUGE highlights was getting to see the twins! They are really (really) identical twins! I kept having to ask which one was which!