Friday, February 15, 2013

New Feb Stuff

Kayla is our "teacher in residence" -- 

The whole right-handed vs. left-handed is sometimes confusing . . .

 . . . but we persevere!

 A little father/son bonding time over an airplane . . .

I just HAD to document this pic.  Last week, I was giving piano lessons on a Thur evening (B is gone for rehearsal).  The kids had already had showers before the students arrived.  Tyler bonked his head (I think) the last 10 min or so from the end of the lessons and I told him he couldn't cry near the piano, so he went upstairs.  After the students left, I went upstairs to get things moving for bedtime .  . . and found him fast asleep on his bed.  Guess he was tired:)

 This is a norm right now at our house . . . J has been fighting wheezing lungs for the last two weeks so we've had lots of nebulizer time (and DS).  He's had steady improvement, but the improvement has been small, so the dr. has been upping meds and restricting physical activity.  I think we've been in 5 times to have the dr listen to his lungs and we're hoping we're getting close to the end of this.  Just thankful we live in a country where we have access to this care.

This was K last week at gymnastics --

I forget what you call these . . .straddle jumps???  
All I know is that we have a great cartwheel path in our living room!!!!

Random January Stuff

Since I'm crazy behind, here's a quick recap . . . Over the last few days of Christmas vacation, Kayla wanted to use her stocking money to do the jump trampoline thing at the mall.

She didn't exactly have any qualms about this . . .

  . . . she loved it!

The kids had their school holiday party when they returned from Christmas break because the last day of school before break was cancelled.  This is J's room --

 Tyler's always thrilled to be in on the action:)

 This is K's class

This is Tyler joining K on the rainbow rug!

 I don't know who these crazy kids are, but apparently this is what happens when something like this comes on TV . . .

 J has been playing basketball this winter -- well . . . until he had to take a two-week break (so far) in an attempt to get his wheezing lungs back in business.  Ironic that the one picture I have of him this season is this one, eh????

Happy Valentines Day!

Last weekend, we had a family bonding time making valentines!

Mr. Lefty working hard on cutting out the hearts.  This is before Bryan decided it would be much more time-efficient to stack 5 pieces of paper together before cutting:)

K's Valentine party at school.  

 The fruit display from one of the parents -- so fun!

 I was in charge of the her class party.  
We had four centers . . . making a pipe cleaner pencil toppy thingy, 

 . . . the infamous bingo . . .

  . . . decorating a sugar cookie . . . (notice Tyler in the background completely making himself at home in the play area  . . . K's teacher is a gem and lets the younger siblings just chill over there during parties . . . such a life-saver!), and the last center was a "stack the heart" game -- no pic.

I zipped into J's room for a sec to get a quick pic!

 And since V-day was on a Thursday and B has rehearsal, we had a Valentines breakfast this morning -- heart pancakes, heart bacon, and heart (sorta) strawberries.

 Why is this with the Valentine post?  Because my wonderful husband surprised me last weekend with under-cabinet lighting for the kitchen -- woot woot!!!!!  
I'll take that ANY DAY over fancy, schmancy flowers!  

I think at this point he was wishing he would have gone the flower route . . .:)