Sunday, June 07, 2015

Summer Fun!

Tyler is in his second year of T-ball -- not quite as animated as he was last year, but still super fun to watch!

We were lucky enough for Tyler to be on his buddy's team -- who also happens to be our "across the street" neighbor.  With 3 kids playing ball, it has been very convenient at times to get him to/from practice when we can't be in two places at one time!  And there "might" have been some lightsaber fights in the outfield when the two boys are positioned next to each other!

 It's a big deal to play first base at t-ball . . . I still am adjusting to seeing our "lefty" fielding the ball!

That's one determined look buddy!

And . . . crossing home plate!

Miss Kayla  went with a different team this year  -- which means this is her first experience with kid pitch.  Gotta love that first year!!!  The coach has had all of the girls take a turn pitching -- and Kayla was delighted when it was her turn!!!!  She actually did well -- definitely did NOT get that from her mama!

At bat . . 
On 3rd, hoping to get home . . .

Between two of the double headers, Tyler decided to try his arm at pitching with Daddy -- what a goober!

We've had A LOT of ran.  Lots of "it's a good day for a puzzle" ideas!  So, grandpa and grandma . . . the puzzle we got at Easter has been completed!  Kayla is by far my most dedicated puzzle putter-together!