Saturday, May 27, 2006

Joshua and I picked strawberries this morning -- then we promptly came inside, washed them, and ate all of them! They're a bit tart for him, but he eats 'em anyway!

"Joshua -- smile for the camera!"

Joshua's new thing is playing the piano -- ALL BY HIMSELF. He doesn't want anyone else playing the keys or heaven forbig, anyone else sitting on the bench with him!

"I can't figure out what this note is!"

Thursday, May 25, 2006

One of Joshua's "new" tricks is to "unlock" things -- doors, kitchen tables, etc! And then I wonder why I can't find my keys . . .!

The tongue is what just cracks me up -- what a look of concentration!

Yesterday, it was FINALLY warm enough to get outside and go to the park -- so we did! As soon as we head in that general direction, he starts saying, "Ugh,ugh" -- (quack, quack) becuase he knows we're gonna see the ducks! Too cute!

And here's a close-up of his new shades -- believe it or not, he actually keeps the silly things on. They're a bit big -- maybe by next summer, he'll grow into them! Ha, ha!

Here he is -- getting ready to go down the slide!

They have a "kid size" train with various cars -- and Joshua really enjoys climbing in and out of them.

Another one of the train cars -- Joshua will NOT look at the camera when you want him to!

And of course, we stopped at the sand box. I think we will continue to "use" the park's sand box instead of having our own -- much less mess!

Monday, May 08, 2006

This is how lunch started today. I didn't realize that Joshua was tall enough to pull things off the countertop . . . and thankfully, he didn't pull something off that was hot. What he did manage to do, however, was dump a plastic container of peas (and the accompanying water) all over himself and the (freshly-mopped) floor. So, I decided to sit him at the table with his lunch so I could clean up the mess without him underfoot.

And then . . . I realized that the boy had put a PEA IN HIS EAR! I couldn't believe it!

So there you have it. That was our lunch today. What bonding time!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

This post is for the KS crew! In order to get "a simple little bracket" in for the DVD screen, it involved taking down the headliner, undoing the visors, etc, etc, etc. Bryan was a trooper as neither of us had any idea what we were doing. But alas, the installation is complete, and everything seems to be working. It will make trips to KS and WI much more bearable!!!!

Bonding time!

Looks a little iffy, eh? We are still quite suprised that it came back together! I should have taken an "after" picture -- maybe another post.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Last week, we took some pics over in our neighbor's yard -- with their permission, of course! All photography credits go to Bryan!

And yes -- there are those infamous teeth!

What a grin!

Not too sure about the whole flower thing!