Saturday, August 30, 2008

Zoo and Ice Cream

I am SOOO glad I was convinced to get a zoo pass this year -- even though I'm not a huge zoo fan, the kids LOVE it! Kayla especially enjoys tormenting Joshua by imitating the macaw's obnoxious noise. Couldn't get them to hold hands AND look at me . . .oh well!

Up close and personal with the cat. Wow -- I was just hoping with every fiber in me that the lion wouldn't decide to go crazy with us that close -- instant nightmares for Joshua. Pretty cool to see, though!

Last week we learned the letter "I" -- what a perfect opportunity/excuse to make homemade ice cream!

Trying to keep warm Joshua's skinny little legs warm while eating FREEZING cold home made ice cream is quite a challenge!

Basementing . . .

This pic was actually from last weekend . . . I guess I stopped posting pics because the lack of obvious progress during the sanding/mudding progress was a little demoralizing, to say the least! Bryan finished the sanding last weekend, and that was a HUGE accomplishment!

You know that your family has been a bit consumed by this "little" project when your 22-month old mistakes the stud finder for a phone!

At last some gratifying progress! Bryan is currently putting the second coat on the walls/stairway -- yeah!

Sure glad it's "labor" day weekend as it very appropriately describes our plans for the next couple of days. Hoping to get the bathroom floor tiled . . . maybe. The carpet is being installed in 9 days . . yes . . . 9 days, so we gotta keep movin'. It's a good thing, though -- we're ready to be done!

Oh, pardon the artistic dust circles on the pics -- not sure what's going on!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I thought my hubby would get a good chuckle for me to wish him a "Happy Anniversary" underneath this picture!!!! We celebrated our 7th anniv. yesterday (holy cow -- where did the time go?). Grandma and Grandpa Varner watched the kids, and we had a great date! How much better does going on a date get than going to Outback and picking out carpet!!!

As for the picture above -- Bryan's slowly but surely getting the sanding done -- that white dust just gets EVERYWHERE in the house! He (and so am I) is really, really ancy to get this "step" done, but is happy with how it is looking so far.

Since both kids were up by 6:30 am on Sunday morning, I thought it would be a splended opportunity to take some pics before church, since usually, we're . .uh . . . a little rushed, to say the least! But, as you can tell, that plan wasn't exactly a smashing success!

OK -- last weekend, Uncle Brian and Jennie stopped by to see the astounding progress on the basement and on their way out, Brian created a "connect the dots" for Joshua -- the first one he had done (yeah, I know, I'm failing as a mom). Anyway, look closely and the connection between 2-3 and 3-4 . . . we thought it was quite humorous! I guess next time we need to clarify that the line needs to be as straight as possible!

Um . . . yeah . . . those are band-aids. Last night at G/G's, while Mom was putting Kayla to bed, Joshua managed to find the band-aid box and meticulously applied highly "medically unnecessary" band-aids to his leg. You do have to marvel at his exactness, though, don't you??

And, speaking of Joshua antics . . . we have been watching lots of the Olympics -- including the gymnastics last week. Well, several days ago, he and I were making sugar cookies, which involved flouring the pastry cloth before rolling the dough. Well, I let him get some flour and HELLO, he grabbed like 1 1/2 cups of flour -- we definitely didn't have any stickage problems. OK, fast forward to that evening after dinner. I said, "Joshua, you wanna watch some Olympics tonight?" He said, "Yeah -- just like when we made cookies." I was so confused . . . and then it hit me. The gymnast use that chalk stuff for their hands . . . Joshua grabbed all of that flour for the cookies . . . how in the world does his 3-year old mind make that connection????

It's times like that I am SOOO glad I have the chance to be at home with my kiddos to share those memories! (I will need to be reminded of that later this afternoon when I am going crazy!) Hope you all have a great week -- don't stay up too late watching the Olympics!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

County Parade 2

NOTE: For whatever reason, I can only upload 5 pics per post . . . does anyone have any suggestions as it is HIGHLY annoying . . .

OK -- As always the Varco Motors Entry is a family affair -- Bryan is in the truck above--

Bem --

Bryan's girlfriend, Jennie
(sorry Ryan -- didn't get a picture of you -- just your 4-wheeler!!!)

I'm a moron -- forgot to rotate it! I would be remiss if I didn't mention on the snail-pace of our basement finishing -- HOLY COW, will it every get done? Bryan's hanging in there, but we're both a little weary of the process to say the least. And, the kids are DONE, I repeat, D--O--N--E with working in the basement!

Sanding drywall dust is just a bummer, eh? Stay tuned . . . maybe by Christmas!

County Fair!

I'm a week late in posting these -- but better late than never! There's nothin' like the County Fair -- and SHOCKINGLY, it was very comfortable -- not blistering hot, in typical KS fashion.

Joshua could barely wait for the parade -- his candy "bucket" was ready for action!

Still waitin' . . .

In the middle of the parade we looked up to see lots of people from church marching for one of the politicians -- super fun to see them!

How precious is that!
(Notice that Joshua's candy dish was VERY close by -- he was very hesitant about evern setting it down!)