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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baseball, and random silliness!

Lots of baseball lately . . . so much fun! Something "clicked" and Joshua is really hitting the ball well . . . so much fun to see as a parent!

Getting suited up . . .

This was on the way to last Tuesday's game -- out like a light . . head nodding and all!
(As always, Miss Kayla was being photogenic . . .!)

Our cheering section at today's game.

Grandma and Bem

Kayla and Johnny

Tyler managed to get Bryan to look at a book with him . . .

. . . which then morphed into this . . .

. . . and this . . . (where did these crazy kids come from????)

. . . giggles, giggles, and more giggles . . .!

More "reading" . . . Tyler loves that book -- can you tell?
Neighborhood game of T-ball . . . always plenty of coaching and umpiring going on!

Last weekend's little DIY project . . . We had quite a "tunnel" under the sidewalk, so since the grass was already buggered up, Bryan decided to tackle the issue.

As always, he had lots of help!

Why does that look like such a guilty look????

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Joshua suits up to catch

Kayla's cheer

Tyler's leg

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Crazy week . . .

Mother's Day 2011 . . Tyler was especially delighted about it all :)

We've officially started T-ball/Baseball this year, and Joshua is really, really enjoying it!

Here was the cheering section for his first game . . . it was a little chilly!

So, this was our "little project" last week. This past winter, my wonderful husband granted my request to let me paint our woodwork white -- the wood just wasn't doing it for me! And, so I began the three-year long process (at least that's how it feels at times!) But, I know the REAL kicker was going to be painting the windows that are really high in our big room . . . and I wasn't brave enough to use a ladder. One of our neighbors works for a company with access to scaffolding -- and I just happen to teach them piano lessons. So . . . we bartered some lessons for scaffolding use. Never thought my piano skills would come in use like that!

The scaffolding went up Sat. afternoon, and by Tuesday evening, we were done in the big room. It was really nice to have everything up there that I needed -- light, vacuum, paint stuff, etc. It would have been impossible with just a ladder.

However, we had one small window on the other side of our stairway "bridge" -- which meant the scaffolding had to be disassembled low enough to go under the bridge, and then reassembled for the last high window. My hubby was lovin' me! Here he is -- taking it down. (Mind you, this was all done after the kiddos were in bed . . .it is seriously a minor miracle that no one awoke!)

I kept forgetting to have Bryan take a pic until we were ready to take everything down. This picture doesn't really do it justice, but I am touching the ceiling . .. I must admit, on this window, I was getting a little queasy . . . but by Wed. night we were DONE and ready for a break.

So, we decided several months ago that since the trim painting was imminent, and we always get SEVERELY scorched by these high windows in the summer, we bought some motorized blinds to install at the same time. After dropping one of the motors from the scaffolding in the install process (yes, I was ill) they are working like a charm! We can't believe how much sun they eliminate.

Joshua's Kindergarten class had their Spring Program this past week. They each had a line prepared about what they want to be when they grow up . . . Joshua picked a baseball player because he likes to play baseball. He did a great job speaking in the microphone. He looked WAY too grown up in his uniform . . . (he's the one in front with the teal shirt on)

And, just because we needed one more thing on our plate (right, dear????) we had a garage sale this past Friday and Saturday too! Bryan had a lot of kid duty -- thanks, dear.

We made cookies and the kids had fun peddling their wears! It was Kayla's idea to bring out the cash register -- she was cracking us up! So, Sat. and noon we called it a wrap, packed all of our treasures up to take to Goodwill and collapsed!

Easter, 2011 & End of AWANA

Yep, a little late, I realize, but that's the way we roll around here! The kids actually spent the night at my parent's home on Sat/Sun Easter weekend (I played, so it means leaving house at 6:30am). So . . . she actually got an "Easter Sunday" picture of the kiddos (that's a rarity for us when your hubby is always gone Easter morning!)-- I just don't have it yet. So, this is the best Easter pic of the kiddos I could find!

Kayla and Mommy


Tyler . . . not to be left out of the action.

Looking for eggs . . .

Still looking for eggs . . .

We wrapped up our AWANA program this past week -- and this is the only picture I got :( This was Kayla's first year of Cubbies, so for the Cubbies who were there (they actually had their final hurrah the previous week) they came up to the front for a few songs, etc. Joshua finished his first year in Sparks -- also a great experience. We are definitely ready to come up for air, though this summer!!!!

Sunday, May 01, 2011