Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012!

Just gettin' started . . .

Oh yes, the "guts" are the best:)

The finished product!  Actually, there was a commendable amount of group effort
this year -- much more so than in the past where Bryan was the prime carver:)

Our church's Trunk or Treat

Just waiting for the candy . . .

Joshua and Mrs. Myers -- his teacher from school who goes to our church!

Down the slides!

In a princess costume, nonetheless:)

Halloween parade at school today -- Kayla concluded that it's no fun
walking long distances with high heel shoes:)

Mr. Batman himself:)

Enjoying the goodies at school!

Kindergarden fun!

Wrap the mummy -- 2nd grade style!

Tyler didn't get the memo that picture taking was supposed
to be fun . . . this is what the first 20 pics looked like . . .

. . .  and this too . . .

And finally we eeked out a good one!  And yes, Miss Kayla had a change of heart after school and decided to be a chef for the festivities tonight:)  It's ironic because MY mom always talks about how we
would get inspired after school to have  "second" outfit for trick or treating:)

On the move!

Baby Westin (aka Mr. Pirate) joined us -- Carly reminded me tonight that the first time she went trick or treating with us I was pregnant with Tyler . . .wowza:)

Cool Sunset!

By the end of the night, Tyler had ditched his Thomas hat, his Thomas
costume AND the pumpkin container:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This and That

Last Wednesday was Crazy Hair Night at Sparks -- Kayla was "reading" to Tyler while I was getting stuff set up . . .

 Crazy Hair Mom and Daughter:)

 Joshua and friend -- J gets the biggest kick out of spraying his hair . . .

The next day was K's field trip to the pumpkin patch.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL!  I had a blast getting to hang with her!

After MUCH deliberation, she chose the PERFECT pumpkin:)

Climbing through the tire course at the patch . . .

 K and two neighbor friends on the hayride together -- we love being a 
street with so many kids her age!

Tyler with pretzel stick . .  aka Mr. Mustache Man:)  How does he think of things like that?

When mom's too busy to play Candy Land . . .you just play it yourself:)

Tyler got to go to his first birthday party several weeks ago -- he did great about "giving" his gift and not wanting to keep it for himself:)  

Monday, October 08, 2012

Way behind this Fall . . .

I am so desperately behind for this blog, so this will be a "catch up" post:)  (I think most of my post are actually "catch up" posts!)  Anyway . . . last weekend we made a super fast trip to St. Louis so celebrate my grandpa's (the kid's great grandpa's) 97th birthday.  I didn't mange to take enough pics -- ugh.  But, we stopped by on Friday night before going to the hotel and got to 
spend a bit of time with him!

 Joshua and grandma super cozy in the chair -- I believe Joshua was 
sending texts from Gma's phone . . .

Bryan and Westin

Tyler and Lena -- it was fun to not on see immediate cousins from Indiana, but my cousins and their kids as well . . . so crazy how the family just keeps getting bigger!

We were determined to get a picture with Grandpa and Grandma with all of the grandkids since we had somehow managed to forget that since Jordy had been born.  Here they are . . .all NINE of them, seven and under!

Grandpa and the three daughters . . . 

 Changing subjects . . . last night was the Fall Fest that our church gets to attend . . . and the kids just love it!  It was definitely on the cooler side, but lots of fun!  The kids were especially psyched about the jumping pits .  .

 Tyler just hopped right on -- it was nice to have one area for "big" kids, and one are for the little guys . . .Do you recognize the girl in the background in purple?  That would be Kayla running for help after she got hurt on the trampoline.  She ended up being fine, but I had no idea Bryan had captured that image:)

 Daddy and Tyler watching the pig races . . .

Aunt Bem joined us for a bit . . . not sure this will have a super huge impact on Jordy, but it was fun to have them there . . .

 Grandma and Tyler in the corn pit . . .

Kayla's grand exodus from the big slide . . .

 That's Joshua on top there . . .the kids definitely did not feel the need to have Mommy or Daddy at their side this year . . . we spent most of the time just trying to remember where they said they were going next:)

 Those are really tall tires for little guys!

The group swing . . .

 Grandma and Tyler checking out the old tractor . . .

This was my Monday morning discovery when cleaning up . . .not sure when Kayla wrote this note during the weekend, but it was cute:)

"I love Mom and Dad and Miss Patton (her Kind. teacher).  (yes, notice the period on the end of the sentence . . that's my girl!)  We went to Wendys.

Mom, Dad, Miss Patton, Wendys -- life is good!