Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Weekend

So, after our last swing set went ka-putt from the wind storm, a family in the church asked us if we would like theirs . . . provided that we move it! Talk about a total God-thing! It is sturdier, has more options, and actually fits in our lawn better than the last one did. Why does that not surprise me?

Trying to get a picture with all of them . . . well, I tried.

Our small group from church grilled out and the kids
enjoyed playing until it was time to eat.

This past Sunday, I had my first piano recital in KS. Just a handful of students, but it has been wonderful to get back to teaching, even on a small scale. The scariest thing? Trying to work up a piece I played in college 12 years ago to keep myself accountable as a teacher to keep practicing! The nerves were going!

Several days ago, Kayla had an "Arts and Craft" night at the preschool she will be at next Fall. She was so excited all day, she could hardly contain it!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wind Storm of 2011 and Kayla's Gynmastics

So, we had quite the eventful evening after Tyler's birthday shindig. It had been 92 degrees that day, and we knew that it was to cool off considerably . . . and let's just say the transition was memorable! Out of nowhere (it seemed) the wind started really, REALLY blowing.

Bryan and his dad (overseeing the home made ice cream, BTW!) were in the front outside when it really got bad. I looked out the back and saw several things: 1. the patio table flying across the yard towards the field; 2. The grill was next to go; 3. The swing set crashed to the ground and the tower part began rolling/flying towards the field.

Just for reference . . . this is the BEFORE . . .

. . . and this is AFTER. Whoa. The tower part ended up behind the tall evergreen trees you see in the first picture below. About that time, I looked toward the field and saw this vertical "column" of dust, dirt swirling and Bryan came in yelling, "GET TO THE BASEMENT." Pretty scary for a minute or two.

When it was all said and done, we experienced a "Gustnado" -- who knew there was such a thing???? We lost a few shingles, the garage door got all twisted and bent (go figure?), and also lost the swing set, patio table, and grill. Still waiting on the insurance adjuster to come out to figure out how it will all pan out. But, we're all safe, and that's all that matters. Needless to say, we've heard the kids talking about "wind" ALOT lately!

And changing the subject . . .We let Kayla take a "mini gymnastics" class at the Y for the last month or so. It's nothing spectacular, but I think she enjoyed it. These are pics from the last day . . .

Happy 2nd Birthday, Tyler!

Wow. Doesn't seem possible that 2 years ago this 11 pound baby made his entrance into this world! He is such a funny guy . . . he just makes us laugh! Still not overly verbal, but trust me . . .he is more than able to communicate EXACTLY what he needs to happen. Since he's into the whole "siren" thing, we went for a "mama special" fire engine cake. I can't believe this was the only picture I got of him with his cake . . .he was more interested in Daddy's iPhone than in smiling for the photo op.

Brmmm, Brmmm . . .

Trying out the new shoes . . .

This would be his new weapon, I mean . . his new bat!

I was determined to get a picture of his gifts . . . and the only thing he wanted was my camera. Like I said, funny guy! His photography skills are actually quite good :)

Grandma/Grandpa Nelson came for several days to help us celebrate T's birthday. The schedule is always just a little more relaxed and we had a blast!

Finally had some decent weather to get outside and do some walking.

Kayla's still getting the whole "no-training wheel" thing perfected!

And, just to make things interesting, Tyler managed to have his very first (and our family's first, for that matter) stitches the week before his birthday :( Hit his head on the rocking chair. We were hoping for gluing or butterflying . . . but no such luck. Got the sutures out several days ago, so we're good to go!