Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tyler's walking . . . sort of!

My biggest mother's day gift???? Tyler finally taking lots of steps in a row . . . but ONLY if someone is right behind me or he will promptly set his bottom down! Not because he falls, but because he doesn't like to walk without someone right there! He's getting braver, but still prefers to use walls, chairs, etc. Hey, I'll always remember when his first steps were!

This was J's bike day at his preschool . . . it was really fun to watch!

They had a pretend city, and he was giving his "money" to the gas station!

Last Wed. was our Awards night for AWANA. Bryan evolved into the Cubbie song guru throughout the year . . . so they did several of his "new and improved" songs using Bible verses.

There's Joshua . . . the one with the tallest hands! I always forget how much taller he is until I see him in a group context!

Our new adventure of the summer . . . Joshua playing baseball! I wouldn't exactly say that he is loving it, but maybe over the course of the summer he will learn to love it????? Maybe????

Diggin' in the dirt . . . perhaps the most enjoyable part for him . . .