Monday, August 12, 2013

Family Camp 2013

Well, I managed not to get any good "family" pictures, so we'll just take it bit by bit!  Tyler was right ready to go on the "screamer" again . . .I think they hoisted him up 5 feet before he said he was done:)

J climbing the zip line . . .

 . . . this part is the hardest -- climbing from the pole to the platform.  He loves this thing!

K getting ready to climb zip line.


K was excited she didn't have to stand on a milk crate this year 
waiting to jump -- it's the little things that matter!

And they're off!

This is what Tyler talked about ALL YEAR when we would bring up Family Camp -- bowling in the game room.  It's a pretty labor-intensive game . . .every throw requires mom or dad to reset the pins!

When we first got to camp on Thursday, this basement was FLOODED -- as well as lots of other areas.  We weren't sure how much we would even be able to the facilities -- but it ended up working great!  So thankful to God!

Nothing like a little foosball before chapel!

Tyler and his good friend Everett -- just waiting for Chapel to start!

Lots of fun group games --

 . . . Man, Guerilla, or Gun:)

They added a fun pillow jump thing -- Tyler loved it when he was upright . . .

 . . . but not so much when he was down!  This picture is classic!

Fun at the pool

Tyler and Bryan canoeing

Pretty sure they were checking out the duck in the above pic

Kayla climbing the Pamper Pole.  Last year was the first year she went on that and she couldn't wait to give it another try!

That's the worst . . . figuring out hot to get on top of that pole without hanging on to anything!

Aiming for the handkerchief . . 

 . . . not quite . . . maybe next year!  You couldn't pay me enough money to get up on that thing!

Joshua up on the screamer

Tyler waiting his turn . . .

This time Tyler went ALMOST up to the top before he said enough!

Lots of fun!  Great week together!

Wisconsin Trip

We had a great time in Wisconsin several weeks ago.  Not sure what Tyler and Grandpa were up to -- but am sure there were lots of giggles and laughs involved!

Uncle Mark was eager to try out his "mini rocket" -- activated by baking soda and vinegar.  Bryan -- aka "Mr. Photographer" was right there to capture the journey.

It was a big deal -- until it only went up 12 inches in the air.  "Rocket" might 
have been an exaggeration!

Yummy home-made ice cream!

Fishing the Grandpa -- always a highlight!

Tyler and Daddy

Kayla and Grandma

Tyler and the twins

The pic doesn't really do it justice -- but these monkey bars are CRAZY high!

One of the rainy mornings, we changed our plans from hanging at the park to hanging at McD's playland.  Making use of the wifi . . .

Yummy cake pops made by Ayuna!

Sibling love!

then again . . .maybe not!

Kayla lost her other front tooth while we were there -- good thing the tooth fairy knew how to get to Gma's house!

One of our summer excursions is to go to a nearby indoor water park that is part of a hotel.  The first time we went, Joshua was 1 1/2 years.  This year, all 3 kids navigated the big slides just fine . . . pretty sobering!

K & J

This looks like one of this "awkward family photos!"

Mommy and Tyler

Baseball and lots of Swimming

Joshua's baseball team ended up having a really good season -- undefeated in league play and won the end of season tourney!  

It's been a great team to be a part of -- very positive, upbeat, etc.

K & J did swim lessons this summer -- they both know how to swim, just refining stroke work.

I think the biggest challenge was not egging each other on in the "down" times of lessons . . .

They always said it was cold!

Happy swimmers!

The kids and I decided to have a pool day -- when it was 102 degrees!

Just chillin . . .

Yep . . .he's asleep.  I wanted to make sure we got our money's worth . . . so we 
stayed for quite a while!