Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kayla's play, Joshua's game, Tyler's field trip:)

Last week, Kayla's drama/singing class presented a VERY abbreviated version of Sound of Music --  minimal props, scenes, backdrops, costume changes, etc.  She was Liesel, the 16-yr old daughter of Captain VonTrapp.

Even though she was one of the younger ones in the group, she had a lot of poise and confidence!

She was excited to have HER VERY OWN MICROPHONE!

The final bow:)

This past weekend Joshua's baseball team had a tournament.  He pitched several innings and did a  great job -- this mama gets nervous and HATES full counts!!!!

Playing 1st -- fully concentrating with his tongue out!

They ended up getting second place -- and after losing in the championship game to a team that didn't exactly display the greatest sportsmanship, it was a good reminder that there are lots of life lessons to be learned through things like baseball!

Can you tell Tyler "might" have had a few oreos while at the game????

Finally, the sun did come out, and the warming blankets became fort-building materials!

Several weeks ago we went to Topeka for my niece's 1st birthday -- since my youngest brother and I color coordinated (!) I had to get a quick picture:)

Tyler's kindergarten class had their end of the year music program last week.  Each of the 5 classes dressed up as Jungle Animals -- Tyler's class was Hyenas!

It was cute to see him!  Sobering that our baby is wrapping up kindergarten:(

At the corner where we meet the kids from school -- his friend across the street happened to also have a Superman shirt on:)

Tyler is trying to save up for a really big Lego set.  I'm still not sure of his counting system, but somehow he was making tally marks in an effort to count the money in his "save" and "spend" envelopes!

Yesterday, I went with Tyler's class on a field trip to the Red Barn Farm in Weston, MO.

Tyler's group actually got to see the Queen Bee -- it was the first time the "farmer" (tour guide) had ever seen that herself!  It was quite the talk at the dinner table last night!

On a class hay ride!

And on the bus ride back, this 6-year old "might" have fallen asleep:)  It was a busy weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Piano Recital

Several weeks ago, I had my first piano recital in Kansas City!  I had a couple students who did not participate since they had JUST started a few weeks previously and I also have a few adult students that I never make participate.  For many of these students, it was their first recital -- and I did my best to make it as casual and relaxes as possible!  They all did great.



And . ..  me and mama:)  I almost always play a piece myself at a recital -- because that's about the only motivation I have to practice, and I think it's good for the students to see their teacher have to do the same thing they are doing!  But, since a violin student at William Jewell had asked me to play a recital for her that included some really hairy 20th century pieces, I just flat didn't have enough practice time to do both, so I asked mom to come and play one of our good ole' standby duets!  

And just for giggles -- this was what Tyler filled out when the school counselor talked to his class about future career aspirations:)  "I want to be batman tyler."  "I would be good at that to sav pepl." (save people!)

Spring Break/Easter 2015

Since our Spring Break was the week before Easter, (and when your husband/daddy is on staff at a church in charge of music = no traveling the week before Easter!), we just stuck around here for the week . . . which worked out great because Grandma and Grandpa Nelson came for a visit!  It was also over Tyler's birthday, so it was extra special!

Joshua had been begging for the whole family to play Kahoot! -- an online game/review they use at school, only we modified it for our family!  Between all of the iPhones, iPods, iPads, chrome books, etc, we had plenty of devices, and we got to explore lots of categories.  It was a fun thing to do together -- especially when Tyler kept winning all of these advanced categories -- there might or might not have been some luck involved!  It was quite hilarious!

We wanted check out some KC attractions (especially the free ones!) while Grandma and Grandpa were here, and since we're never been to the Nelson Adkins art museum, we spent a beautiful afternoon there.  That place is HUGE!

The kids were DONE with the high cultural art in about 20 minutes:)  Since it was a Saturday, they had an interactive kids area open, and it was a nice break to check that out!

The last part of the visit had beautiful weather -- it was great!

We also checked out the Federal Reserve Money Museum.  It was pretty amazing to see that quantity of money being processed -- wowza (no pics allowed in that part)!  The kid's favorite part was the bag of shredded money as a souvenir.  

Doing some geocashing . . . basically using GPS coordinates to find "treasures" other people have left -- it's like one big treasure hunt, only there's no big treasure, just the satisfaction of finding it!

One of the days when Bryan was in at the office, the rest of us went to the zoo.  We had never seen the sea lion show before -- it was cool!  

Hanging with the grandparents on the tram!

They were troopers -- even rode the sky cam!

Tyler and Grandma!

They are looking way too old:(  So thankful for the zoo passes that were given to us -- can't wait to use them more this summer!

Our "splurge" was going to Power Play and spending some time there as a family.  This mama always has a hard time justifying blowing through that much cash . . . but my husband reminds me that it is about making memories -- not pinching pennies!!!!

The younger two kids had a sleepover -- so fun to see these kindergardeners working together!

Kayla's been on this kick of wanting (really, really, really bad) to start violin.  When she found out that her friend's mom across the street used to play violin, AND STILL HAD IT, she was determined to give it a try!  It's just a tad big for her!

Coloring Easter eggs  . .

You can always tell when Bryan is behind the camera -- you get artsy shots like this!

And this!

And this!

One obligatory after church picture . . .

After we got home from Sunday services and had a quick meal together, the kids were chomping at the bit to hunt for eggs.  Tyler got a 1 minute head start, Kayla got a 30 second head start, and Joshua thought he was getting the short end of the stick!  

So thankful for family time together like this -- and most thankful for this Easter time,  the reminder that Jesus makes all things new!