Friday, November 13, 2015

September through November catch up:)

 I'm just a "tad" behind on blog posting -- so I'm not even going to try and get these in order.  Joshua pitching in one of the fall ball games.

We watched the "super moon" from the ball field that night!

Tyler played another year of Upward soccer.  He really improved this year -- it was fun to watch!

The soccer game cheering squad.

One Thursday/Friday in September we took advantage of no school and made a quick trip to Branson.  The main event was seeing the show "Jonah" -- it was pretty impressive! It really made the Bible story we've heard for years come to life.

More Branson 

The real Branson story though . . . was this.  Bryan  had gotten some kind of a bite before we left KC, but after we got to Branson, and the "bite" started spreading, we realized it was NOT good.  He went to Urgent Care, and the dr said it was from a brown recluse spider.  After a good dose of antibiodics, he was fine.  (The sharpie line was the "it better not go beyond this point" mark.)

It was quite the exciting fall for Royals fans!  If you happen to remember, I got barfed on at a Royals game earlier this summer -- and consequently got 5 comp tickets for pretty good tickets.

They were only good Sunday - Thursday, so I just picked a Thursday game in September, and as it turned out, it ended up being the game where they clinched the Central Division title.

It was super exciting -- I guess it was work getting puked on.  Well . . .that's still up for debate I suppose.

All tuckered out from the Royals game:)

And so began our saga of "how can we watch the Royals play off games that are only on cable????"  So -- this was at Culvers:)

Yep, DQ had a TV with cable too!  We were SOOO glad when they finally got to the WORLD SERIES and the games were on free tv!

So, we elected not to attend the celebratory parade or rally . . . instead, we had a watch party with some neighborhood friends.  Great view from the our vantage point!

Great fun spending time together!

Using jump ropes as four square boundaries:)

Lunch with Mommy and Tyler.

Bryan's parents visited for a week in October -- and for whatever reason, Sorry was the game to play this visit! Who knew the game could be so viscious!

Grandpa listening to Tyler practice his AWANA verses . . .

Kayla got to open her birthday gift from G/G Nelson a little early!

Yet another game of Sorry . . .

I went with Kayla on her field trip to the zoo.  It was really, really chilly.

Snuggling together during lunch just to keep warm!

The carving of the pumpkins!!!  

The kids were troopers with digging out the "guts" of the pumpkins!

Yep, that would be a Drimmel tool with safety glasses!

Joshua -- a "whac-a-me", Kaya - ice cream cone with sprinkles, Tyler - Angry Bird

Joshua got lots of comments on his costume -- he even scored extra candy at one house because they liked it so much!

Examining the loot:)

We had a family birthday gathering for Kayla a little early -- how is she already 9 years old????

There are always lots of helpers nearby to help out!

 Our budding musicians -- I'm thinking Tyler was trying to get his time in before leaving for school!

Joshua continues to press on with cello.  Since he has done piano for quite a while, he's struggled with boredom, but we're hoping things will pick up soon!

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