Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First day of school! (and finishing up the summer bucket list!)

2015-2016 First day of school!
(Funny side note -- it was JUST ABOUT to rain as we were eating breakfast.  So, I had the kids go grab their backpacks, run outside to take pictures, and then come back to finish up our morning routine before leaving for school!)

Tyler -- 1st grade 
(just grateful that our first day of school pictures for him 
didn't involved any face plants like last year did!)

Kayla -- 3rd grade

Joshua - 5th grade
(Last year of him in elementary school.  That just blows my mind.)

Just so happens that today is also our anniversary!  God has been so good to me -- can't imagine being on this journey without you Bryan!

And here we are 14 years later -- still working with a bunch of crazy musicians!!!!

And a couple of things we did this past week to end summer with a bang!  My sister and her kids came to KC to go to the zoo with us.  It was really, really warm, and so we especially enjoyed the polar bears and penguins (translation -- the indoor, air-conditioned exhibits!!!!)

Who are these monkeys????

More time at pool!  Tyler was showing his ninja moves using pool noodles:)

 This is the "normal" after lunch routine . . . finish lunch, go grab a popsicle from the freezer in the garage and hang out in inner tubes while you eat in! 

Trip to the skating rink.  Let's just say not all parties involved loved this experience. I wasn't sure whether Tyler was going to make it or not:)  But, we crossed it off our list, right????  Mission accomplished.

Royals game -- we LOVE going to the K!

I didn't even get barfed on this time -- score!

Not exactly a "fun" thing . . . I decided I was DONE with the low hanging branches on a certain tree... you shouldn't feel like you're doing the limbo when you're mowing, know what I mean?  So after going crazy with the pruners, I  realized I had A LOT of branches that needed to be dealt with.  Because Bryan wasn't available due to schedule stuff and the branches HAD to be hauled off on Saturday, the kids and I got creative with hauling them off:)  (I didn't take a picture, but the back of the Durango was stuffed too!)  Note to self . . .next time plan ahead before whacking off a bunch of branches!

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