Wednesday, July 08, 2015

In no particular order . . just catching up!

Joshua practicing pitching with Bryan . . . I MUCH prefer for Bryan to be the catcher than me:)

Happy Father's Dad Daddy!

Fun photo props at church!

So, Tyler's latest "thing" has been building a "bat cave" every night as part of his bedtime routine.  The crazy part is that it is actually somewhat intact in the morning!

And another rendition of the bat cave . . .

We've had LOTS of rain this summer . . . so one day we spontaneously went to Kaleidoscope at Crown Center.  Definitely better for younger kids, but it was still a fun outing!

Family bike ride at Smithville Lake -- first time Tyler had been there without training wheels.  It was a short bike ride as the water had flooded some of the trails -- this rain has been crazy.

Doesn't everyone play ball with their swim suit on????

Several weeks ago, we watched my sister's little ones while she was on an overnight business trip -- so we all made a pool stop before she took off!

My kids were HUGE helps with her kids!  I only had one freak out time . . . Bryan was away at a retreat, so it was just me and the 5 kids.  When it was bedtime, the 3 year was crying "I want my mommy and daddy," the 1-year was screaming and not exactly on the verge of going to sleep, and my 8 year old was crying because she "was sad that daddy wasn't home."  But, thankfully everyone eventually settled down!

Joshua had a ball tournament on one of the days we had the kids, and they were troopers!  It was way past their nap time, and they just hung in there!

Joshua and I spent a day in St. Joseph while the younger two were at a day camp at God's Mountain.  Fun times together!

Yep, that's Joshua SLEEPING with his baseball hat on.  The kid loves baseball, what can you say????

Went to a Royals game several weeks ago.  Notice the color of my shirt in this picture . . . GREY.

This would be a picture taken at the same Royals game. Why, you ask, is my shirt yellow now?  Um . . .that would be because some stupid drunk guy threw up all over me in the bottom of the 2nd inning. Gross.  Totally took one for the team, got a random Royals shirt to wear from Guest Services and 5 free ticket vouchers out of the deal (for MUCH better seats than we normally buy), and tried to make the best of it!  We wilL NEVER forget this game!

Saturday, June 27th has been a date on our family's calendar for MONTHS!!!!  Our church hosted "Red, White, and Blast" -- a concert and fireworks to celebrate our military heroes.  The weather ended up being beautiful and we had a great turnout -- I think it took Bryan a week to recover:)

We had the King's Brass there -- which happens to be a brass ensemble that Bryan and I toured with "back in the day!"  Fun to see Tim again!

It was a very meaningful time to remember our military.

We got to spend some time last week with family -- and it's always a treat to see our cousins from Indiana!

And blow some stuff up in the process!

Trip to Chuck E. Cheese . . .

Kayla had seen this painting canvas project on Pinterest  . . .and lets just say her determination and persistence will get her far in life:)  So, after DAYS of begging to give it a try, we gave it a try! 

Joshua and his buddy Colin from school/church/neighborhood

Daddy always becomes a jungle gym at the pool:)

Tyler has become much more comfortable in the water this year!  He'll swim across the pool in the deep end . . . as long as mom or dad is there:)  We're getting there!

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