Friday, July 24, 2015

Baseball, Bible School, and Camps

The last couple of weeks have been crazy -- we'll start with wrapping up baseball!  This was the last practice before the World Series tournament where the boys got their towels/pins to trade at the tournament.  

Thankful for one of the baseball moms who likes to take pictures:)  
Joshua pitching . . .

Coming home . . 

Tyler "might" have spent more than the allotted 30 minutes a day of screen time at the ball park:)

I wasn't smart enough to get a picture of him in his uniform with the pins:)  The day after their last game, Joshua was already asking when Fall Ball starts -- the boy just can't get enough baseball!  So thankful for Coach Danny and the chance to be on a team like Venom!

Several days, Joshua's tournament overlapped with Kayla's Willy Wonka Theatre Camp -- it was crazy getting everyone where they needed to be!  Kayla loves to be on stage!

This was the Oompa Loompa scene!

Speaking of music . . . this would be the "Joshua, would you please run through your piano pieces before we leave for the game?" picture:)  Joshua humors me with piano -- it's not exactly his "thing" but we're pretty low key about the whole thing!

I must admit -- I have been procrastinating starting Tyler on piano this summer, but we finally started several weeks ago!  Whew!  It now means setting 1.5 hours aside every week to teach my own kids --   sometimes it's a struggle to make the mom/teacher thing work, but it is super nice to have the flexibility of "fitting in" a lesson whenever we need to though!

The next week was Bible School in the evening -- Bryan, Joshua and I all volunteered, and Kayla and Tyler were participants.  They each brought a friend and we had a fun week!

Making "snowmen" to eat . . .

During the day of that week, Joshua did Kanakuk Kampout at our church -- he loved it!  They do a great job of investing in each kid -- and they come home absolutely exhausted every day! 

The last day wrap up -- getting an award from his tent leader!

The gal that cuts our hair has a dog that Kayla just adores -- actually, Kayla adores ANY dog, and a certain mama just won't give in to a furry pet all over the house:) Because we all know who ULTIMATELY takes care of the family dog!!!!

Kayla's new "do" -- not the greatest pic, but she looks super cute!

That same week, we got to connect for a few minutes with a friend from PA we haven't seen in probably 8 years!  Kim flew into KC for a conference, and we had about 45 minutes between airport pick up and when we had to leave for VBS, but it was fun to catch up!  

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